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House of Kolor KO-Seal Primer Sealer is a high quality two-component acrylic urethane primer sealer designed to provide maximum adhesion between the primer and basecoat. Is acts as a holdout agent to prevent topcoats from soaking into the primer and reducing gloss. Ko-Seal makes the object to be painted an appropriate color for faster coverage of top coats. KO-Seal will add years to your paint job and also gives you three color options to reduce the amount of basecoat required for coverage. Use the white, black, or metallic silver sealer, or tint the metallic silver or white with kandy concentrate to approximate any basecoat. It can be tinted up to 5% with any KK Kandy Koncentrate to achieve hundreds of different color combinations.


Ko-Seal primer sealer is designed to be used with either House of Kolor Kustom Kolor Acrylic Lacquer or Kosmic Kolor Urethane Enamel systems. Ko-Seal is an excellent ground coat for base coat application. Choose the appropriate color for the base coat system and color that is going to be applied. Ko-Seal (KS11 / KS211) black and (KS10 / KS210) white colors may be intermixed for various shades of gray, also KK Koncentrates can be added to both (KS10 / KS210) white and (KS12 / KS212) silver for a closer match to the base coat or top coat color. Ko-Seal can not be applied over bare metal surfaces of any kind. Ko-Seal must be applied over sanded and clean primer or properly prepared and sanded previously painted surfaces for proper adhesion.


  - Can be applied over properly prepared and sanded previously painted OEM surfaces, KP-, or KD-Series House of Kolor® Primers for proper adhesion of topcoats.

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