acrylic lacquer primer

Designed for repairs of any size, 5 Star Hi-Solids Acrylic Lacquer Primer is the perfect combination of performance and versatility! It is a fast drying, high build, easy sanding primer surfacer that offers superior color hold out, good filling characteristics outstanding feather edging, minimal shrinkage, and excellent adhesion to properly prepared substrates such as steel, aluminum, galvanized metal and thorough sanded cured paint. This primer can be top coated with any automotive paint system. There are no pot life limitations with this primer surfacer. However, occasional stirring may be needed to keep a uniform mix. Keep lid closed to prevent solvent evaporation.

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Product Code: AP8036GK

Price: $75.90 Per Kit


Product Code: 100713

Price: $73.24 Per Gallon


Product Code: 77414G

Price: $76.51 Per Gallon


Product Code: 77451G

Price: $64.92 Per Gallon


Product Code: 77451Q

Price: $22.45 Per Quart


Product Code: 77453G

Price: $64.92 Per Gallon


Product Code: 77453Q

Price: $21.23 Per Quart


Product Code: 9971

Price: $5.22 Per 12 Ounce


Product Code: 5553GK

Price: $150.54 Per Gallon Kit


Product Code: 5563GK

Price: $149.75 Per Gallon Kit


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