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5 Star Xtreme Original Speed Urethane Clearcoat One Gallon

Product Code: 5172G

5 Star's newest, ALL temperature urethane clear!  Easy to apply in 2 - 3 coasts, Xtreme Speed Clearcost provides great flowout and leveling.  made for speed, the clear can be buffed in as little as 90 minutes, making it just the product to do the job, on time and increase productivity.  VOC: 4.2  Mix Ratio: 4:1 

 Sold Separately.  Three activators (3 temperature ranges): 5188 SLOW @ or above 95 degrees, 5187 MEDIUM @ or above 85 degrees and 5186 FAST @ or above 77 degrees. 


This item is for 1 gallon 5172 Five Star Xtreme Speed Urethane Clearcoat 

Price: $55.50 Per Gallon

Qty  Gallon