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5 Star XTREME 2K High Build Direct to Metal Primer QuartKit

5 Star XTREME 2K High Build Direct to Metal Primer Kit 
Product Code: White 5423, Black 5424,Gray 5425

XTREME Direct to Metal Primer is a 2K product formulated with a hybrid of epoxy and acrylic polymers, which provide excellent adhesion, good corrosion resistance, excellent adhesion, Exceptional filling capabilities, productive dry times and ease of sanding.  The addition of reducer makes it a great 2K sealer, and it’s black color provides a neutral base to paint over.  Direct to Metal Primer  - Does not require a self-etching primer, eliminating extra labor, time, and gun clean-up costs! Primer Filler - As a high build filler this product is capable of 2.5-3.0 mils per coat requiring less coats per application. Combined with easy sanding, this product will reduce repair time and increase shop productivity! Primer Sealer - The addition of urethane reducer or acetone makes 5424 an excellent primer sealer. Highly versatile, 5424 is the perfect alternative to replace three products with one!  Dry to Sand in 60 minutes
VOC 2.1  Mix Ratios:  High Build Primer Filler 4:1 Regular Build Primer Filler 4:1:1 Primer Sealer 4:1:2


Kit includes: 1 Quart Direct to Metal Primer and 1 /2 Pint 5426 Primer Activator.

Price: $46.25 Per Quart Kit

Qty  Quart Kit