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5 Star Xtreme 5067 Polyester Premium Finishing Putty 30oz

Product Code: 5067

5 STAR AUTOBODY PRODUCTS - Premium Polyester Finishing Putty is effortless to spread and self-levels to a smooth, easy-to-sand surface that is pinhole free – improving your cycle time. The advanced easy-powder formula increases the sanding window. #5066 & #5067 provide excellent results for that invisible repair every time whether over body filler, sand scratches, pinholes, aged OEM topcoats, steel, aluminum, galvanized and other zinc-coated metals, fiberglass and a wide variety of other substrates.

Product Uses: Use for minor body work and surface imperfections (1/8" thick or less) such as sand scratches, chips, scratches and pinholes. Ideal for use as a finish coat over body filler.

Price: $21.30 Per 30oz

Qty  30oz