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5 Star MAXX Solv Urethane Reducer Gallon - National Rule

5 Star Maxx Solv Reducers are non-photochemically reactive, alchohol/water-free, and urethane grade.  Use in any undercoat, paint or clearcoat.  100% virgin solvent.  Many basecoat systems require the use of a "stabilizer" or "converter", which is added to the basecoat color.  These products are designed to initiate a very fast cure, or a very fast flash time of the basecoat.  This is achieved with products that quickly evoporate from the basecoat film or products that induce a reaction of the resins.  The objective of these products is to prevent the aluminum flakes in the basecoat from moving or "mottling". 


Reducer is available in three speeds:  Fast, Medium and Slow.

Price: $24.90 Per Gallon

Qty  Gallon